This page last modified on Thursday, March 23, 2006


As the log building craft is quite labor intensive, a limited number of projects can be built in a year. In this section, we will describe our techniques and products that we use. 

Ideally suited for acreages, farms or recreational settings, the log home also finds its place among city homes. Viking Log Builders' log homes complement any location, what and where ever it may be.
Once the decision on location is made, a floor plan should be prepared to allow Viking builders to make a quotation and suggest any structural changes necessary.
For variety, or to save on cost, conventional methods of building can be aesthetically incorporated to allow for heading, electrical, plumbing, and custom requirements. Log walls can be crafted for these requirements where ever necessary.

Log Home builders calculate for setting of the structure, but if you hire an architect or draftsman to draw up your plans, choose one with a good working knowledge of log structures.

Viking Log Builders homes are handcrafted throughout, using the Norwegian techniques that assure lasting strength, beauty and durability.

Each log retains its own individual character as opposed to those machine process methods, which produce logs that are identical in all respects. Viking Log Homes do not require nails or bolts in order to secure the logs to each other. Instead, wooden dowels are driven to effectively pin each log to othe one beneath it.The logs can safely settle by using a peg in a round hole. As scientifically demonstrated, the average saving in heat energy on a log home is up to 40%.

The planning stage of any home is the most time consuming and important. Changes are easier to make on paper than when the home is in the construction process. It is sometimes hard to picture the finished product by just looking at the plans. Jan, having planned, built and walked through the homes after they have been completed will generally notice if something is not going to look as good as it could with a few changes. Jan is more than happy to sit down with a client and go over your blueprint and point out any areas that may be improved or changed to enhance the over all appearance and or functionability of the home.